Marrakech-Retreat: Sensory Feast (english version)

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  • Format:Reise
  • Ort:Marrakech
  • Zielgruppe:for all, who want to cultivate a meaningful life
  • Kosten:EZ: EUR 1350,-/ DZ EUR 1150,-

Marrakech – Retreat „Sensory-Feast“ 

Marrakech – Retreat ‚Sensory-Feast’
We see, we hear, we feel, we taste and we touch mostly without wondering about all those skills. But our senses deserve more attention than that. Through them we experience the world bigger, more beautiful and with greater awareness.
We are able to train and to use our senses as organs of perceptions to experience our quality of life outward but also inward oriented or even (with practice) carefully measured. 
Moreover, we can completely withdraw them from overexcited formalities.
As a result silence and composure are build. 
What normally comes to our mind is mostly just embossed by familiarity. In addition, during these days in Marrakech we learn more about extended senses, for example our sense for social relationship or our sense of mind and spirit.
‚Having all our senses together’ gives us the opportunity to explore the picture of ourselves completely. Whether the internal or external beauty of life develops in their deepness depends on how deep we educe our sensorium. 
Not without reason we feel the sense of life or are comfortable with something and able to nourish and cultivate out of that our human being.
For five days and nights we discover the traditional and modern as well as the multicultural eye of Marrakech by visiting some of the most beautiful places and by letting us inspire by exciting personalities. We see, we hear, we smell, we taste and we feel our own existence through the lens of this magical place. 
In the mornings we discover our own spectrums of senses and play with different ideas, for example with the “change of mind” - with other words: can we feel a taste, smell a color, see a sound or taste an event? 
We live in one of the most beautiful Riad directly in the Medina. We take time for “slow-living”, we experience what meditation (=contemplation) and the meaning of life have in common. We use the silence, the elegance and the reduced but wonderful design of our accommodation for steering our senses to our inner bodies. The oriental vividness and diversity of Marrakech will attract our senses outwards and will be our outer source of inspiration. 
This medley takes us inevitably in close contact with our own design of living and sensitizes us to cultivate our human being willfully. 
Single room 1.350 euros / Double room 1.150 euros 
Included are: 
accommodation, breakfast, seminar, one Sensory-Dinner, one Design-Lunch, one transfer/trip
Not included are:
airport-transfer (about 15 euros each), four dinners / four lunches, tickets for the museums
meditation / all sorts of self-knowledge training (journaling, dialog and excchanges / inspiring constellation work/ easy yoga for all senses / ‘art stations’ and so on 


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